Here is how we go about our process when a client wants our service. We just don’t go-ahead to start working. We ensure we let them understand what we are providing and how we intend to implement their project to give them the satisfaction they need.

We show our clients our proposal to give them the feeling that we know what we are doing and give them a more detailed process of our job for them.

We make sure we reveal the following:

  • Discovery

We discover what our clients’ project work is all about. What the project wants to achieve and how we bring about its reality.

  • Study of the Company

We show concern about the company we work with and what the company wants. Getting to know more about the company, its objectives, goals and ensure we align our services to its terms.

  • Marketing Plan

The marketing plan plays a vital role in providing great service for our customers. We draw out a marketing plan to reveal the steps and approach to ensuring fulfillment of the projects by our customers. This helps to give them break down into what we intend to accomplish for them.

  • Research and Media Planning

When it comes to handling certain projects, research and media planning must be involved. The reason why ,is that without thorough research into what we are looking at, there won’t be enough details to carry out the project. So, we engage ourselves in research and planning.

  • Find Strategy

We don’t get involved in only our strategy, we look into other strategies and ideas that can make our clients happy when we apply such strategies to their project to make it more satisfactory.

  • Project Stakeholders

We always want to know who is involved in the establishment and financing of the projects we handle because these could be included when it comes to creating websites and business cards. This will show that the company knows what it’s doing and what they are aiming at.

  • Time Frame

We give a time frame when jobs and projects are completed.